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uwho (pronounced "you-who") is another people-finding front end program
that was created by yours truly, Daniel Kegel
(, because whois seemed difficult to use- you
had to know what the hostname of the whois server was, which is a
detail that users shouldn't have to know.

uwho is a front end to several white pages services (currently, whois,
ph, and KIS). It accepts a name and partial organization name, does a
search for matching organizations, runs whois, ph, or KIS queries (as
appropriate) in parallel, then shows the user the results. It is
powerful simply because it accesses a continually updated list of white
pages servers [i.e., it searches current information, not its "own list
of users"], so its power will grow as more [user-information] servers
come online.

Uwho is written in C and runs under Unix, VMS, NT, and MS-DOS.
For more information, consult uwho.doc.

The latest version is uwho218b.tar.Z or

Some people wrote to say how to use Uwho with Linux.

uwho2html, a trivial WWW front end to uwho, is also available.

For more information on ph, read the ph FAQ.

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