Dan's Guide to Publishing Product Info on the Web

Many companies ask me for help getting their products listed on my web pages. Since my pages are mostly a collection of links to companies' web pages, the first step is: get your own web page! (I do rent space on www.kegel.com for a fee per page per year as a favor to companies who don't want to bother with the process, but it's not my real business.)

To help you get started with your own pages, here's technical and pricing info from a few vendors.

--Dan Kegel

A Few Web Providers' Quoted Rates for Bulk WWW Server Space as of Sept 10th, 1995

(for comparison; this covers less than 1% of the Web providers listed above)

Note: Don't assume that a low price is a good deal, or that a high price is a bad one. Check out quality of service before judging! Also, some pricing schemes don't quite fit into this format, so these should be taken as very approximate.

Here's one measure of responsiveness.

Only sites which quote prices per megabyte (not per page!) are listed.