wwwgnats, a WWW Front End for Gnats, the GNU Bug Tracking System

Beta Version of 15 Mar 1995
Authors: Dan Kegel dank@alumni.caltech.edu & Huy Le huyle@alumni.caltech.edu

Note: wwwgnats is covered by the terms of the GNU General Public License.

(See also: 
Dan Kegel's GNATS homepage, 
Karl Berry's enhancements to wwwgnats,
and CERN's enhancements to wwwgnats NEW)


Retrieve the source, wwwgnats-15-mar-95.shar, and unpack it.

Copy the files wwwgnats.pl and libgnats.pl to your Web server's cgi-bin 

Edit their configuration sections.  That for libgnats.pl looks like
    #### Configuration begins here
    # Gnats
    $GNATS_BIN  = "/usr/gnu/bin";
    $GNATS_LIB  = "/usr/gnu/lib";
    $GNATS_ROOT = "$GNATS_LIB/gnats/gnats-db";
    $GNATS_ADM  = "$GNATS_ROOT/gnats-adm";
    $PR_EDIT    = "$GNATS_LIB/gnats/pr-edit";
    $PR_ADDR    = "$GNATS_LIB/gnats/pr-addr";
    $GNATS_VER   = "3.2";
    $GNATS_ADDR  = "bugs";
    ### Configuration ends here
All you probably have to do is set the path to the Gnats bin and lib.

The config section for wwwgnats.pl looks like
    #### Configuration begins here
    # Miscellanous data
    $EDITOR_FILE = "$GNATS_LIB/gnats/local/editors";
    #$ORIGIN_FILE = "/etc/mail/ccmail";

    # Outside commands
    $MAILER      = "/usr/ucblib/sendmail -oi -t";
    $DATEPROG    = "/usr/bin/date";
    $LSPROG      = "/usr/bin/ls";
    ### Configuration ends here

The EDITOR_FILE is a list of who is allowed to edit GNATS problem reports;
the ORIGIN_FILE is a list of who might have originated GNATS problem reports.
They are in the format
    Alan_Smith Alan_Smith@foo.bar.com
    Albert_Miller Albert_Miller@foo.bar.com

Chmod 755 wwwgnats.pl, then run it once by hand to make sure it
actually outputs HTML instead of bombing because it doesn't know where
Perl is (for example).

Install info2www or infogate if you haven't already; wwwgnats.pl has several 
hyperlinks into the GNU Info database pages about GNATS.

The current version can only some of the fields of PR's.
It would be easy to add more fields to the editing page, though.

New in 15-Mar-95 version:
    Can edit most fields of the PR; the old version could only change state.
    Removed several hardcoded paths to tools in /bin, etc.