Di Frei

(short for Diana, and the last name is pronounced "free"...)

Hi! I'm yet another alum of Caltech . Some people will better recognize me by the name Diana McMahon. I'm a member of the class of '93, and I lived in Blacker Hovse . For those who want to know more about Blacker and its residents, Ben Smith has been crazy enough to provide this...

I have a B.S. in chemistry, which has absolutely nothing to do with my current employment... I live in Boulder, Colorado. Since November 1997, I've been working at the Gunbarrel Banking Center of Bank One. I seem to be making a career in banking these days, since prior to working for Bank One, I spent almost four years in Seattle, WA, working in the 24-hour Customer Service Department of Seafirst Bank.

I'm still learning my way around Boulder and discovering things to do.

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