ATTERTON is a relatively rare name of English origin. I have found several Atterton branches in England - mine, in Co. Durham and the North Riding of Yorkshire, and others near Liverpool, London, and Norfolk. There are numerous Atherton families, and although I have found my Attertons misspelled as Atherton, the families do not seem to be related, at least since the 18th century. My Attertons in North Yorkshire were predominantly ironstone miners. I have a copy of the 1997 "Catalogue of Cleveland Ironstone Mines", which I recommend highly to anyone who has ancestors from the area around Middlesbrough (Cleveland). My Attertons immigrated to the U.S. in 1877/78 to work in the coal mines of south-east Tennessee. There are a few other Attertons in the northwestern U.S. who are descended from other English Atterton branches.