I don't feel comfortable right now assigning a letter grade to Beau travail because, despite the fact that I saw 9 films this weekend, my mind was very much elsewhere. I didn't really have any problems with Timecode, The Virgin Suicides, or Divine Trash because they're relatively straightforward and grounded either in narrative or, in the case of the third, standard documentary techniques. Suffice it to say for now that I liked Beau travail; I'm just not sure to what extent. (Nor do I know if I'm going to be able to see it again.)

Oh, the reason for my wandering mind? I had a second interview for a teaching position on Thursday, and I felt that the interview went, well, not badly, but let's say kinda iffy (primarily because, afterward, I started to magnify every little minor "negative" thing in my mind until I felt like I might as well have walked in there unshaven, shirtless, wearing shorts and sandals, and spouting obscenities.) And it was a situation where, if I didn't get this job, I would have felt like, after two months of riding the Anxiety Train, I'd been let off in the middle of nowhere with little hope of return. The good news is that when I got home after Beau travail there was a message to call the division chair, and when I did, I was offered the position. Yes, that sound you heard around 8:30pm CDT was a sigh of relief.

(Now, if only I could ask out that girl I like, I might actually resemble a normal human being...)