The Geodesic Sculpture of Ed Gauss

For further information, contact the sculptor at: or at the gallery, Art Center of Estes Park. (970) 586-5882. Advertizers sending unsolicited and inappropriate email messages, are expected to contribute $100 to the Caltech Alumni Fund, for each message sent.

About Geodesic sculpture

A celebration of things wild; the freedom of open space; the rugged textures of an advancing frontier: these are the joy of Ed Gauss's unique geodesic style. Created during his Alaskan years, this highly original style draws from his insight on how humans encode spatial information, from the art of the T'linkit, from his mastery of the engineering properties of materials, and strongly from the joy of things wild and free.

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About Ed Gauss

A one time Alaskan Bush Pilot, and an advanced planner for the world's largest communications company, he has appeared as an actor on New York television and in musical theater in Nome. As an occasional Professor teaching Engineering, mathematics and chemistry at the Universities of Alaska, UCLA, and Colorado, he became known as the international expert on computer education for the Eskimo. In Alaska, he was artist in residence for the Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre while he was building the giant steel antenna structures used to probe deep space. A former grower of world class giant cabbages, he holds national recognition for the lives he saved while flying search and rescue in the Arctic.

Was a Renaissance Man possible in this century? The burdens of a technical education were too much! At the California Institute of Technology, Humanities Dean Hallet Smith dreamt of producing a twentieth century man skilled in both fine arts expression and in command of the technical world. To begin a select program he brought in visiting Art Professor Beeman. From him, Ed learned the artist's way while developing skills in sketching and painting. While traveling the Caltech mainstream he mastered the analytical view of the physical world. While an Alaskan Engineering Professor he sat in on the art classes of Danny Pierce and Ron Senungetuck. There he evolved his unique geodesic style.

Having left behind a successful life in the technonerd world, he now pursues his interests in the creative arts.

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Where his Geodesic sculpture, and other art, can be seen

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Pictures of his geodesic sculpture

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