Hari Nair

I received my PhD in Planetary Science from the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences at Caltech in January of 1996. My thesis consisted of two parts: A photochemical model of the martian atmosphere and an investigation of low ozone pockets in the northern winter stratosphere with a Lagrangian photochemical model.

Since my graduation I worked at Logicon , where I worked on an Air Force contract to estimate concentrations of toxic gases which might be produced in the catastrophic release of rocket propellants during an explosion. After that contract ended, I went to Hughes Aircraft Company, subsequently acquired by Raytheon Systems Company, where I learned how to make flowcharts in PowerPoint. After leaving Raytheon, I took a postdoc at JPL working on the Java based scientific visualization tool WebWinds. I was most recently a Member of the Technical Staff working on software for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory. In October of 2007 I joined the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory as a member of the Science Analysis section. Here's a (hopefully) current resume.

Software I've written and other links:

Xplanet - renders an image of the earth or another planet into the user's X root window.
Textbiff - a little X program to monitor your mailbox.

And my business venture:

Birthday Earth Images uses Xplanet to draw a custom image of the earth with accurate clouds and shading. Makes a unique baby gift!