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Welcome to my home page! Updated 4/22/98.


The painters are working on outside of the house this week. They expect to have it done next week. Ruth and I are pushing to get the inside done, too, so we can call in the real estate agents. It's going to be a busy time soon, what with selling and packing and renting temporary housing.

Steph did get her UMAX 610P scanner working by borrowing the cable from mine. I am still very happy with the scanner, but it's disappointing that UMAX would ship a bad cable.

Had a good Indian dinner at the Aroma with Les and Doris Taber last weekend. Tonight Chuck and Jackie Winder are coming here for dinner. I'll be able to ask Chuck for some pointers on being a retiree.

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The Newburyport Daily News has a good web page about this local area.

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A Bit of Poetry

Trade Winds

	In the harbor, in the island, in the Spanish Seas, 
	Are the tiny white houses and the orange trees, 
	And day-long, night-long, the cool and pleasant breeze 
	Of the steady Trade Winds blowing. 

	There is the red wine, the nutty Spanish ale, 
	The shuffle of the dancers, the old salt's tale, 
	The squeaking fiddle, and the soughing in the sail 
	Of the steady Trade Winds blowing. 

	And o' nights there's fire-flies and the yellow moon, 
	And in the ghostly palm-trees the sleepy tune 
	Of the quiet voice calling me, the long low croon 
	Of the steady Trade Winds blowing. 

John Masefield

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