I'm just an amateur, but I was surprised how much my first detailed study of the flowers added to my trip on the Sierra High Route. Here's a bunch of random fascinating things I've learned about plants over the years -- if none of it's interesting to you then you should probably give botany a miss.

Personal References

I've compiled and posted a bunch of reference material for personal and public use. Help yourself, but let me make a general warning: I can't guarantee the accuracy of any of this -- most is just stuff I've collected while poking around on the web.

Trees: Phylogeny of plants and some animals and fungi.
Families: Fairly complete list of plant families.
Lists: Plants I've seen various places.
Food: Classification and origins of our food.
Latin: Rough guide to meanings of scientific names.
Keys: Informal identification keys for a few genera.
Notes: Random collection of field notes.
Guides: Annotated bibliography of guides I've used.
Tools: Discussion of tools needed to get started.
ASCII: Unprocessed data files used to make these pages.

Web References

Plant Info: (California)
Jepson Flora Project: California plants. Keys, descriptions, pictures, vouchers, etc.
CalFlora: California. Huge database of pictures and vouchers.
CalPhotos: California. Huge database of pictures.
Michael Charters: So. California. Huge number of pictures, some descriptions.
Barbara Collins: So. California. Huge number of pictures. Also covers Canadian Rockies.
Jay Sullivan: So. California. Good pictures, fair selection.
Barbara Collins: So. California, Canadian Rockies. Pictures, keys.
Tom Schweich: Eastern Mojave. Pictures, notes, etc.
Henry Coe State Park: Bay Area Pictures and excellent plant list.
Tom Chester: So. California. Cool self-guided botany walks, plant lists, and much much more!
California Native Plant Society: California. Outings, classes, workshops, etc.
Cal Register of Big Trees: California. Stats, pictures, locations of biggest trees in California.
Plant Info: (North America)
Vascular Plant Image Library: Texas area. Huge database of pictures.
Utah State University: Utah range. Pictures, tons of info.
MissouriPlants: Missouri. Detailed pictures and description, limited selection.
Keir Morse: Southwest, Midwest, Appalachia. Picture-based identification guide.
Montana Plant-Life: Montana Non-technical key and pictures, limited selection.
USF PlantAtlas: Florida Detailed pictures and range info.
Dr. Gerald Carr: Hawaii, tropics. Lots of pictures.
Desert-Tropicals: Mostly ornamentals. Pictures and garden info.
Plant Info: (Europe)
Illes de Balears: Islands off Barcelona. Detailed pictures and descriptions. (in Catalan)
Josette Argaud: Pyrenees. Good pictures and descriptions. (in French)
Torre Salsa: Sicily. Pictures and descriptions. (in Italian)
Jerusalem Bot Gardens: Israel. Pictures and limited info. (in English)
Comprendium: Translator. Handles most romance and a few other European languages.
Plant Info: (Australia)
Flora of Australia: Australia. Database with all sorts of info and pictures.
Florabase: Western Australia.: Database with all sorts of info and pictures.
University of Tasmania: Tasmania. Nicely indexed pictures with limited info.
Online Floras:
Jepson Flora Project: California plants. Keys, descriptions, pictures, vouchers, etc.
Gymnosperm Database: Conifers. Very complete, excellent treatments.
USFS Silvics Manual: N American trees. Incomplete, but excellent treatments.
Webmanual at USU: World grasses. About 50% complete, maybe? Everything. Rather incomplete.
Systematics and General References:
Watson and Dallwitz: Families. Authoritative scientific descriptions of Angiosperm families.
Angiosperm Phylogeny Group: Systematics. The official latest APG classification of Angiosperms.
Angiosperm Phylogeny Website: Systematics. Cutting-edge phylogenetic tree of Angiosperms.
Flowering Plant Gateway: Systematics. Comparison of several classification systems for Angiosperms.
U of Wisconsin Madison: Systematics. Brief info about most vascular plants.
Tree of Life: Systematics. Phylogeny of all life on Earth. Systematics. Cronquist classification and mushroom classification.
Colby College: General Info. Tons of reference material for a taxonomy class.
Biodiversity Explorer: South Africa, etc. Fantastic site with diverse info about all life on Earth.
Other Stuff:
Androsace: Photography. Stunning wildflower photography.

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