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You can probably get a pretty good idea about my interests with a quick look at the tabs on the left. Help yourself poking around. There are lots of trip reports, recipes, book recommendations, random links to interesting people and places, and other stuff lurking here and there. This website is mainly for my friends so that I can share stuff with them, and so they can see what sorts of things I've been up to recently. But there are a number of sections that might be of general or very specific interest to other people. Below is an annotated index of the site, and here is a list of new stuff.

Pictures: I've got more pictures than I know what to do with. Lots of pretty mountains and flowers mainly -- standard fare. But my photography skills are improving, so some of the later trips have the occasional really good shots. If you have javascript enabled you can plug away at the bars beside the picture in the corner to see a bunch of my favorites (click on the image itself for a full-size version).

Travel: My friend George has dragged me all over the world. There are many glaring omissions, like Africa and South America, but we'll get there someday. I've mostly just posted a bunch of pictures. The more interesting places include Albania, Cambodia, Guatemala, the Marquesas, and Tasmania.

Hiking: I've done the Pacific Crest Trail (with caveats), a couple of odd things like the Maze in Utah's Canyonlands and the Sierra High Route, and even a few things in exotic places like Tasmania and New Zealand. I'm an avid ultra-lightweight enthusiast. I've posted a ton of info about all the gear I've made.

Cycling: I've done a fair bit of cycle touring across the US and in Australia -- I've got little interest in racing. To me the bicycle is a means to get to cool places in an unconventional manner. I highly recommend it. Hiking? Let the bike carry your stuff for you instead. Driving? Take your time and enjoy the journey instead; feel like you've earned it. Slow down!

Climbing: I used to be seriously into climbing, but I'm afraid I've slacked off a lot. All I've got posted at the moment are a few short trip reports of the odd third-class route.

Canyoning: Canyoning combines a number of my favorite activities in the mountains: descending into rugged pristine canyons where few people ever go, involving lots of scrambling, usually off-trail travel, and sometimes even ropes and climbing gear.

Botany: My moms just introduced me to the field. I clearly studied the wrong subjects in school -- botany is totally fascinating. I've got a bunch of informal references posted, such as plant-latin dictionary, evolutionary trees, and a few plant lists from places I've been.

Reading: I'm slow as hell, but I love reading with a passion. I've posted a sort of annotated bibliography of almost all the books I've read (at least the ones I can remember). I doubt it makes very interesting reading, but there it is anyway.

Writing: This is still a bit of a joke. I'm apparently more in love with the lifestyle than in actually writing. It does at least help me avoid all those pesky questions about when I'm going to go back to work again.

Computers: I keep trying to get away from computers, but, well, here I am. I've posted a few popular links to web design resources.

Fiddling: I love to play the violin, although I haven't done so in any rigorous fashion for years beyond count. I'm pretty sure I only sound good to myself. I'm the lucky owner of a beautiful instrument that pre-dates Mozart -- maybe that counts for something.

Recipes: My love of cooking is surpassed only by my love of eating. I've posted all my favorite recipes mainly so I have access to them wherever I go, but you are welcome to look them over. Most are pretty vague, but some are rather detailed -- like those damn croissants and tiramisu.

Doggies: This little place is dedicated to George's two adorable puppies, Tigger and Molly.

Friends: Here are links to some of my friends' pages.

Other: And other stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else, like homemade camping gear, a nutrition database, go and juggling links, and map resources.

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