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I am currently employed by Research Triangle Institute where I am an environmental quality assurance specialist. My current work involves developing a data base for hazardous waste remediation technologies. This will be a new product containing summaries of virtually every investigational and commercially available technology in the U.S. It should be available in mid-year, 1997.

In addition to environmental work, my recent background includes Unix/Linux support, technical writing/editing, software QA and testing, chemical librarianship (CAS, Medline, etc.), and the Unitarian Ministry. I can also cook chili, pizza, and spaghetti. I don't do windows (the glass kind).

Prior to becoming a faceless government bureaucrat, I was a grad student with Fred Anson at Caltech (electroanalytical chemistry) and did a postdoctoral fellowship with Paul Delahay at New York University (photoelectron spectroscopy). Both of these emphasized real-time computer data acquisition, data interpretation, and modeling.

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