Index of the Centuries of M.Nostradamus

prepared by J.Flanagan

This index contains all the words used in the Centuries. The original was downloaded from K.Lowey's site, skynet, which has since closed. The format of the index is as follows:

Word            #Number;        Century,Verse . . .
"#Number" refers to the number of times that the word occurs. Words that differ slightly in spelling or accent are sometimes combined. The century and verse numbers are listed in order. However, references for the most common words have been omitted.

Index of the Centuries

A (18k)

B-C (27k)

D-E (25k)

F-H (22k)

I-M (28k)

N-P (30k)

Q-S (30k)

T-Z (23k)

CAVEATS: Little or no editing has been done to the text. All spelling and orthographic mistakes and peculiarities have been retained. Please note the following:

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