Foosball -- The Game of Champions

(This Web page is still under construction; please be patient!) Last updated 5/15/95.

Well, after resisting the urge for many years, I've finally conceded that the future of foosball lies largely with Tornado tables, and so I have now begun the process of improving my skill level at tournament-style foos.

So far, in DYP (draw your partner) doubles tourneys I have placed 1st (twice), 3rd (more than twice), and tied for 2nd-to-last a bunch of times. Not too bad, I think. My passing and 5-bar really bite right now, and the pros generally kick my butt all over the place, but I'm getting better. My 3-man and 2-man shots are getting there, and I'm getting the hang of defending rollovers. My goal (!) is to improve enough to play in some big money tournaments and have at least a slim chance of doing OK.

Here is the table that I used to play on a lot. It's a glass-top Dynamo that Bob Mackey got for the house back in '85 or '86. I helped put it together.

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