14.2. Awards

This tab is in the Reports tab.

The Awards tab allows you to print labels for awards.

You can choose from the following label formats:

To print labels, select a value for the desired Meet, and for the desired Event number or numbers. To print labels for all events in a Meet, leave the Event number blank. On the right hand side of the form, select the desired label format from the list of available formats. The number of labels per page for that format is displayed immediately below the format name. Press the "Print Labels" button to generate the label pages and open the Print dialog. From the Print dialog you can select a printer, or print to a file.

To print labels for one event, enter the number of that event into the Event number field. To print labels for multiple events, enter the numbers of all desired events into the number field, separated by commas or spaces, and select the IN operator from the operator choices (between the "Event#" label and the Event number text entry field) for the Event number.

The "Labels For" choice allows you to choose to print labels only for Scoring finishers, only for Non-Scoring finishers, or for both. If both are printed, the Scoring finishers are printed first, matching the order of the Awards report in the Finish tab. The place printed for Scoring finishers is the scoring place; the place printed for Non-Scoring finishers is the overall place, followed by "(Non-Scoring)".

If you have printed a partial page of labels, you can later print on the rest of the labels by using the Blank Label Count field. Enter a number from in this field to skip that many labels on the printed page. (If you choose a number larger than the number of labels per page, the number will be reduced modulo the number of labels per page; it will not print out any blank pages.) For example, say you selected event number 11 (a K4 event) and printed out 8 labels (4 1st place and 4 2nd place) on a fresh page. The remaining 25 labels on the page are blank. Now you want to print labels for event 12 onto those unused labels. Insert that page into the printer, select event number 12 in the Awards tab, set the Blank Label Count to 8, and press the Print Labels button. The first 8 (already used) labels will be skipped, and the labels will start printing at label number 9. (Note, however, that the directions on some labels advise against running a sheet of labels through a printer more than once.)

For all labels other than the round labels, you can specify images to be used on the left and right ends of the labels. To specify an image to use on the left end of the label, use the Context Options tab to set the value of the option "Meets.Awards.labelImageLeft" to the URL of the image. If no matching Context Option is found, you can set that URL as the value of the Label Image Left field in the Meets tab. The right image can be specified similarly using the Context Option "Meets.Awards.labelImageRight" or the Label Image Right field of the Meets tab.

For round labels, the left image, when set as described above. is used as the background image for the label.