13.1. By Event

The By Event tab allows you to select an Event on which to operate, and then to choose the task to perform on that Event. On race days you will probably be using this tab more than any other.

The By Event tab has no subtabs. Instead, it has two choice lists. On the left, you select the Event or Race on which to operate. On the right, you select the task to perform on that Event or Race. Selecting a task will change the contents of the By Event tab to allow you to perform that task.

13.1.1. Selecting an Event

You can select an Event by Event number, Race number, Event Name or Race SQL.

To select an Event by Event number, choose the "By Event#" choice in the drop-down list at the top left of the tab, then choose the desired Event from the drop-down list just to its right.

To select an Event by Race number, choose the "By Race#" choice in the drop-down list at the top left of the tab, then choose the desired Race from the drop-down list just to its right.

To select an Event by Event name, choose the "By Event Name" choice in the drop-down list at the top left of the tab, then choose the desired Event from the drop-down list just to its right.

To select by Race SQL, choose the "By Race SQL" choice in the drop-down list at the top left of the tab. For details on how to use this choice, see the By Race SQL section below.

13.1.2. By Race SQL

When you select the By Race SQL choice, a text box appears to the right of that choice into which you can enter an SQL expression to be used to select the Races to display. You can reference fields from the Races, Events or Meets tables. Column names must be qualified by the name of the table in which they appear. See the examples below.


If your SQL expression contains a syntax error, the program will print a stack traceback, but if you are not viewing the console output you will not see it. If you enter an expression and nothing happens when you press the enter key, check your SQL syntax, or find the console output for JRaceman and see if it reported any problems there.

When using the By Race SQL selection, only the Results task is available. In this mode you can enter results for races that have been run concurrently and for which the finish line results are not separated by race. Given this situation, you can use the following steps to enter the data:

  1. Select By Race SQL mode, enter the appropriate SQL expression to select the desired races, and press enter. You will automatically be placed into the Results task with all lanes for all selected races displayed. Double-check the displayed lanes to verify that your select expression was correct. (If nothing happens at this point, see the note above.)

  2. Enter the place and result data as you would for a single race.

  3. Once all the data is in, you will need to fix up the place values in each individual race (until such time as a command is added to JRaceman - look in the ByEvent menu in case one has been added since this section of the document was updated). To do this fixup, select one of the Events or Races in this batch, sort those results by Place, and manually edit those numbers to properly indicate place within this race.

  4. After fixing up the Place values, generate your reports as usual. Double-check the values in the report to make sure they are correct.

Here are a few example selection strings that you can use:

  • Races.number = 23

    Select all races with number=23.

  • Races.number >= 23 and Races.number <= 25

    Select all races with number between 23 and 25 inclusive.

  • (Events.number=116 or Events.number=118) and Races.round=1

    Select all first-round races for Event numbers 116 and 118.

13.1.3. Tasks

The ByEvent tab includes the following tasks:

  • The Create Races task allows you to create the Races for the selected Event. This is similar to the Create Races box in the Schedule tab.

  • The Entries/Progress task allows you to do manual and automatic progression, and to add, delete, and edit the Entries for the selected Event, The Add Entry and Delete Entry buttons are similar to the sheet in the Entries tab.

  • The Results task allows you to enter results for the selected Event.

  • The Reports task allows you to generate Reports for the selected Event. These reports are the same as the reports which are available in the Finish tab, plus the Progress report which is available in the Progress Auto tab.

When using the Entries task, the Group Selected Entries menu command in the By Event is enabled. You can selected multiple Entries from the sheet (using shift-click or control-click to add to the existing selection), then select the Group Selected Entries command to group those Entries into a group by themselves.

When using the Results task, you can use the Import Race Results menu command in the By Event menu to import results data from a spreadsheet in the format used by the Omega finish-line system. To configure this, you must use the Context Options tab to define an option named "ImportRaceResults.filename" that points to the Excel spreadsheet file containing the results data. When you select the Import Race Results menu command the results for the selected Race are retrieved from the row in the spreadsheet matching the selected Race number. Race 1 comes from row 2, Race 2 from row 3, etc. If the selected Race number is not an integer, the Race number is truncated to an integer and the results for that Race number are retrieved from the spreadsheet. A dialog is then displayed, with the results and lanes sorted by time. Press the OK button to import the data and update the place and score data.