14.6. Competitions

This tab is in the Sport Setup tab.

The Competitions tab is used to define the basic types of events used in this sport. The name field indicates the type of event, but not including the level or gender, which are specified as part of Event Setup.

14.6.1. Query and Edit Tabs

  • The ID field is the unique ID for this Competition. The default ID prefix is C.

  • The Name field is the name of the competition. For example, "100 meter dash" or "K-1 500m".

  • The Group Size field is used for events in which a group of people compete together against other groups. For example, in a 4x400m relay, the Group Size would be set to 4. For one-person events, this field should be left blank.

  • The Max Alternates field specifies how many alternate Entries are allowed for a group entered into this Event. This is usually correlated with the Group Size.

  • The Duration field should be set to the amount of time to be allocated to this event for scheduling purposes. For example, if you want events to start at 10 minute intervals, you would enter "10:00" into this field.

14.6.2. Export

The Export tab in the Competitions tab allows you to export your Sport Setup data to a file, to be easily imported by another JRaceman user.

There is currently only one type of export file in this tab: Sport Setup. Select an output file, then press the Export button.

14.6.3. Table

The Competitions table closely matches the fields in the tab.

idStringUnique ID [primary key]
nameStringName of this event
groupSizeint If nonzero, the number of people in each group competing in this event. If >1, then the group field in the Entries table for events of this competition must be set to the name of the group.
maxAlternatesint The maximum number of alternate Entries allowed in one group for this Event.
scheduledDurationint The time (in seconds) that this Event should be scheduled to take per Race.