14.17. Entries

This tab is in the Meet Setup tab.

The Entries tab is used to register people to participate in an Event.

14.17.1. Query and Edit Tabs

When creating an entry, you must select the Meet and enough information to identify the Event. You can specify the Event in one of the following ways:

  • Specify the Event number in the Event# field.

  • Specify the Event name in the Event Name field.

  • Specify the Competition, Level, and Gender.

If there is no Event defined for the specified selection, you will not be able to create an entry.

When entering people for a group event, such as a relay race, there must be a separate Entry for each person, all with the same group name. Some of the entries for a group may be marked as alternates. If the alternate Entry is used, turn off the alternate flag in that record and turn it on in the record of the exiting group member.

  • The ID field is the unique ID for this Entry. The default ID prefix is EN.

  • The Person field identifies the person entering the event. This is a reference to the People table. In order to reference a person in an entry, you must first enter that person into the TeamSetup.People tab, then come back to this tab and select the person from the list.

  • The Group field is used when this entry is for a group event. If the event is an individual event, leave this field blank.

  • The Alternate field indicates that this entry is an alternate in a group. For individual events, leave this field off.

  • The Scratched field indicates that this person has been scratched from the Event. Entries scratched in this way will show up in reports in strikeout text (with a line through the person's name).

  • The Meet field is the Meet for this event.

  • The Event# field is the Event number for this event.

  • The Event name field is the Event name for this event.

  • The Competition field is the Competition type of this event.

  • The Level field is the Level for this event.

  • The Gender field is the Gender for this event.

14.17.2. Sheet

The Sheet tab allows you to edit the information about multiple Entries on one page, to simplify entering or editing a group of Entries.

To edit a set of Entries, press the "Search" button. A list of all Entries will appear just below the button.

For more details on how to use the Sheet, see the section on Sheets.

14.17.3. Person Entries

The Person Entries tab allows you to quickly add or edit all of the Entries in a meet for one person. After selecting a Meet and a Person, push the Edit Entries button. This will open a dialog with one toggle button for each event in that Meet. Scratched Events do not appear in the list. Push on each Event button to select or deselect the Events into which the person is entered.

To see a more detailed list of events, selected the Full tab. This switches to a view with one line per events. In this view, you can sort by the various event attributes, such as level or gender, which could make it easier to find the desired event. To switch back to the check-box-only view, select the Compressed tab.

When entering a group event, you should specify a group name for that entry.

When a group event is selected, a row for that event appears in the table on the bottom half of the dialog, allowing you to enter the Group name and Alternate flag for that person in that event. Note that you must press Enter or Tab after entering a value into one of the fields of the Group table; if you don't, the value will not be stored.

If you are viewing the Full tab rather than the Compressed tab, you can enter the Group name and Alternate flag in either the top half (Full tab) or bottom half (selected Events) of the dialog.

When you are finished, press the OK button to apply the changes to the database. The number of records changed is noted in the status line.

14.17.4. Table

idStringUnique ID [primary key]
personIdString The person entering the event [ref People(id)]
groupString The group including this person for this event
alternateboolean True if this person is an alternate for the group
scratchedboolean True if this Entry has been scratched from the Event
eventIdString The event entered by the person [ref Events(id)]