14.18. Events

This tab is in the Meet Setup tab.

The Events tab is used to define the events at a Meet. Each meet may include a different set of events.

You must select an Event when you add Entries.

14.18.1. Query and Edit Tabs

  • The ID field is the unique ID for this Event. The default ID is the meet ID followed by a dot, the letter E, and the event number. If there is no event number, then the dot is followed by the letters EV and an automatically generated number.

  • The Meet field is the Meet for this event.

  • The Event Number field is an identifying number for this event.

  • The Event Name field is the name of this event. If this field is left blank, the event name is synthesized from the other fields.

  • The Competition field is the Compeition type of this event.

  • The Level field is the Level for this event.

  • The Gender field is the Gender for this event.

  • The Area field is the Area where this event will be held.

  • The Seeding Plan field specifies the Seeding Plan to use when drawing lanes for this Event.

  • The Progression field is the Progression to use for this event when there are multiple rounds.

  • The Progression State field is used by the selected progression to store information about the current state of this event. You can ignore this field during normal use of the program.

  • The Scoring field is used to specify the Scoring System to use for this Event. Normally this field is left blank, in which case the Scoring System specified in the Meet for this Event is used.

  • The Scratched field is used to indicate that this Event has been scratched. A scratched Event shows up in Schedule reports in strikeout text, with a line through it.

  • The Event Comment field can be used to add a comment that is printed out in Schedule reports. This is typically used to explain why an Event has been scratched, but you can include any comment you wish here.

14.18.2. Sheet

The Sheet tab allows you to edit the information about multiple events on one page, to simplify entering or editing the events for a meet.

To edit a set of Events, select a value for the Meet of the Events whose records you want to edit, then press the "Search" button. A list of matching Events will appear just below the Meets choice.

All columns except for the first column (ID) can be edited.

To add a new Event, push the Add button. This will add a new row to the end of the editing sheet and scroll the sheet to the end. If you have selected a Meet in the meet search field, that meet will be set in the Meet column of the new row. All other fields in the new row will be blank. After you have filled in values for all required fields (competition, level, gender, and progression) an ID will be generated and the values in that row will be stored in the database.

For more details on how to use the Sheet, see the section on Sheets.

14.18.3. Table

idStringUnique ID [primary key]
meetIdString The meet of which this event is a part [ref Meets(id)]
numberint The number of this event
nameString The name of this event
competitionIdString The type of this event [ref Competitions(id)]
levelIdStringThe level of this event [ref Levels(id)]
genderIdString The gender of participants for this event [ref Genders(id)]
areaIdString The area to use for this event [ref Areas(id)]
seedingPlanIdString The Seeding Plan to use for this event [ref SeedingPlans(id)]
progressionIdString The progression to use for this event [ref Progressions(id)]
progressionStateString State information for the progression on this event
scoringSystemIdString The scoring system to use for this event [ref ScoringSystems(id)]