15.1. Help

15.1.1. The Help Tab

The Help tab displays help information from various sources:

  • When you first run JRaceman, the Welcome page is display in the Help tab.

  • The first time you visit a new editing tab after starting JRaceman, the Help tab is raised and the help information for that tab is displayed. You can see the help information for a tab at any time by selecting the "Help On This Tab" item from the Help menu.

  • Selecting any item from the Help menu (exception Show Location) raises the Help tab and displays the selected information in that tab.

15.1.2. The Help Menu

The Help menu contains the following items:

  • Tutorial Wizard opens a Wizard dialog to step you through the basics of JRaceman. The Tutorial Wizard opens automatically the first time you run JRaceman.

  • Welcome displays the Welcome page, the same page as is displayed when the program is first started.

  • User Guide displays the table-of-contents page of the JRaceman Users Guide.

  • Help On This Tab displays help about the currently displayed editing tab, the same page as is displayed the first time that tab is visited after starting the program.

  • Help On Help displays this help page.

  • Open Page... allows you to enter the URL of any page to display in the Help tab.

  • About is a pull-right (nested) menu that contains commands to display version, date, licensing and copyright information about JRaceman and its components.

  • Back displays the previous page in the Help history list. You can use this to back up after following links.

  • Forward displays the next page in the Help history list. You can use this after using the Back command.

  • Show Location shows the location of the currently displayed help page in the Status Line. This is useful if you want to use another browser to view the page.

  • Print... opens the Print dialog to allow printing the contents of the Help tab.

15.1.3. Help File Navigation

The Help tab functions much like a little web browser. Links are displayed as underlined and colored text. You can follow a link to another help page by moving the pointer over the underlined text and clicking the left mouse button.

The Help tab maintains a history of help pages. You can move backwards through this history to revisit pages, then forward again, by using the Back and Forward items in the Help menu.

The Help pages are HTML, so you can use your favorite web browser to look at them. To see the location of the page being displayed in the Help tab, select the Show Location item from the Help menu. This will display the location in the Status Line, which you can then type (or copy and paste) into your favorite browser. If you have problems selecting the text from the Status Line, you can select the Messages tab and copy it from there.