14.22. LaneOrder

This tab is in the Site Setup tab.

The LaneOrder tab is used to specify an order in which lanes are to be assigned during first-round draw and for Simplan and Complan progressions.

For progressions other than Simplan and Complan, the progression can supply its own preferred lane order. If no LaneOrder is specified, and an Event uses the USACK progression, then the lane order preference is 5,4,6,3,7,2,8,1,9,10,0. For other progressions, the lane order preference when no LaneOrder is specified is 1,2,3 etc.

14.22.1. Query and Edit Tabs

  • The ID field is the unique ID for this LaneOrder. The default ID prefix is the area ID followed by a dot and the letter L.

  • The Area field is the Area to which this lane ordering applies.

  • The Lane field is the lane number to be ordered.

  • The Order field is the order in which to assign this lane.

14.22.2. Sheet

The Sheet tab allows you to edit the information about multiple LaneOrder records on one page, to simplify entering or editing the lane ordering.

To edit a set of LaneOrders, press the Search button. All entries will appear in the sheet.

All columns except for the first column (ID) can be edited.

To add a new LaneOrder, push the Add button. This will add a new row to the end of the editing sheet and scroll the sheet to the end. All fields in the new row will be blank. After you have filled in values for all required fields (area, lane, order) an ID will be generated and the values in that row will be stored in the database.

For more details on how to use the Sheet, see the section on Sheets.

14.22.3. Table

idStringUnique ID [primary key]
areaIdString The Area to which this lane ordering applies. [ref Areas(id)]
laneintThe lane number to be ordered.
orderintThe ordering for this lane.