14.27. People

This tab is in the Team Setup tab.

The People tab is used to record information about all of the people participating in a meet. Not all of the people in the table must be partcipating in a meet. If you use the program for multiple meets which are attended by mostly the same people, your database will already have information about those people so that you will not have to reenter it for every meet.

You will need to select a person when you set up Entries.

14.27.1. Query and Edit Tabs

  • The ID field is the unique ID for this person. The default ID is created by taking the ID value of the person's team (which is usually the team's initials) followed by a dot plus the initials of the person's first and last name.

  • The Last Name field is the person's last name.

  • The First Name field is the person's first name.

  • The Title field is the person's title, such as "Coach".

  • The Team field indicates the Team to which this person belongs. If your sport allows independent participants, you should define a special "Team" called "Independent" or "Unattached" (or something similar), and assign the independents to that team. This will allow them to be indicated as independents in printouts, using whatever term you select.

  • The Birthday field is the person's date of birth. This is used, along with the Age Date field of the Meets table, to calculate the person's age for the purposes of comparing to the Level of the Event in which that person is entered.

  • The Gender field indicates the person's sex, male or female.

  • The Membership field is the person's membership number in the organization sponsoring the meets.

  • The Membership Expiration field holds the expiration date of the membership specified by the Membership field.

  • The Team Edit field, when set to true, indicates that this person is allowed to edit the Entries for all members of his team when using the web registration interface. This is typically set for team coaches.

  • The Street field is the first line of the street address. For example, "123 Main Street".

  • The Street2 field is the second line of the street address. This field is typically blank.

  • The City field is the name of the city.

  • The State field is the name of the state or province.

  • The Country field is the name of the country.

  • The ZIP field is for the ZIP code or other postal code.

  • The Phone field is for the primary voice telephone number associated with this address.

  • The FAX field is for the FAX telephone number associated with this address.

  • The Email field is the person's email address. This is used as the person's login id for web registration.

  • The Web Password field is the person's password for use with the web registration system.

14.27.2. Sheet

The Sheet tab allows you to edit the information about multiple people on one page, to simplify entering or editing a team roster or group of people.

To edit a set of People, select a value for the Team of the People whose records you want to edit, then press the "Search" button. A list of matching People will appear just below the Team choice.

All columns except for the first column (ID) can be edited.

To add a new person, push the Add button. This will add a new row to the end of the editing sheet and scroll the sheet to the end. If you have selected a Team in the team search field, that team will be set in the Team column of the new row. All other fields in the new row will be blank. After you have filled in values for all required fields (team, last name, first name, and gender) an ID will be generated and the values in that row will be stored in the database.

To make the Sheet include all of the address fields, check the "Show Addresses" box. If this box is not checked, the address fields will not be displayed in the Sheet, which leaves more room to see the other fields.

For more details on how to use the Sheet, see the section on Sheets.

14.27.3. Table

idStringUnique ID [primary key]
lastNameStringParticipant's last name
firstNameStringFirst name
titleString This person's title (e.g. Coach, Assistant Coach)
teamIdString[references Teams(id)]
birthdayDateUsed to determine level (age group)
genderIdStringThe person's sex [references Genders(id)]
membershipint Membership number in sponsoring organization
membershipExpirationDate Expiration date of the Membership
teamEditboolean True indicates this person is allowed to edit Entries for all people on the same team
streetStringStreet address
street2StringSecond line of street address
zipStringor other postal code