14.35. Score

This tab is in the Reports tab.

The Score tab allows you to view team scores.

To see scores, select a value for the desired Meet, select a report format, then press the Generate button. If you have selected a non-Web report format, a Score Report will appear in the Report output tab. Web report formats are the same as the non-web version, but are generated directly into the "scores" subdirectory of the web reports directory (see the Meets tab).

14.35.1. Reports

  • Teams - a list of teams and their scores, one line per team, sorted in score order with the highest team score first.

  • People - a list of people and their scores, one line per person, sorted in score order with the highest personal score first.

  • Details - a report giving the detailed scores, one line for each person and event with a score, sorted by team and person, with additional total lines for each team or person with more than one score item. You can use this to see the source for all points.

  • Teams and Levels - a table with teams listed on the left side and levels listed across the top, showing the points earned at each level by each team. The teams are sorted by total score, with the highest score at the top. The levels are sorted by minimum age, with the lowest age level on the left. The right hand column gives the total across all levels for each team. The last row gives the total across all teams for each level. The lower right corner give the total number of points across all teams and all levels.

  • The Web reports are like the other reports of similar name, except that output is written directly to the Web Reports Directory along with additional index files.

14.35.2. Table

For information about the Lanes table, see the documentation on the Lanes tab.