14.38. Seeding Plans

This tab is in the Team Setup tab.

The Seeding Plans tab is used to set up plans for seeding to seed lane assignments for Events. Multiple seeding plans can be defined. The seeding plan is independently specified for each Event to be seeded. One seeding plan can be used for multiple Events, or each Event can reference a separate seeding plan.

You can specify that an Event is to be seeded by setting the Seeding Plan in the record for that Event. When drawing lanes for that Event, the specified Seeding Plan will be used to determine the order in which entrants are assigned to lanes. Any entrants found in the seeding list associated with the specified plan will be assigned lanes first, in rank order starting with the lowest rank number into the preferred lanes. After all seeded entries have been assigned lanes, all other entries are assigned lanes in random order.

For group events, the rank for the group is calculated by taking the average (mean) of the rank for all members of the group, including alternates. If there are no seeded entries in the group, the group is an unseeded group and is assigned a lane in random order after all seeded groups have been assigned preferred lanes. If there are some seeded and some unseeded entries in a group, all unseeded entries in that group are treated as having been given a seeding rank of one larger than the largest seeding rank defined in the list being used (so are thus seeded at the end of the list), after which the group average rank is calculated.

14.38.1. Query and Edit Tabs

  • The ID field is the unique ID for this Seeding. The default ID prefix is "SeedP".

  • The Name field is the name of the seeding plan.

14.38.2. Sheet

The Sheet tab allows you to edit the information about multiple seeding plans on one page.

To edit a seeding plan, press the "Search" button. A list of all Seeding Plans will appear just below the button.

All columns except for the first column (ID) can be edited.

For more details on how to use the Sheet, see the section on Sheets.

14.38.3. Table

The SeedingPlans table closely matches the fields in the tab.

idStringUnique ID [primary key]
nameStringName of the seeding plan