14.44. Teams

This tab is in the Team Setup tab.

The Teams tab is used to define all of the teams that are participating in a meet. Not all of the teams in the table must be partcipating in a meet.

You will need to select a Team when you set up records in the People table.

14.44.1. Query and Edit Tabs

  • The ID field is the unique ID for this Team. The default ID prefix is the team's short name.

  • The Short Name field is a short name for the team, typically the initials or an abbreviation. This is typically used in event printouts to succinctly identify the team for each entrant in an event. If this field is blank when a new event is saved, it is filled in with the team's initials as extracted from the Name field.

  • The Number field allows you to specify a number to be associated with each team. This field is optional.

  • The Name field is the full name of the team.

  • The Challenge field allows you to specify a Challenge category name for this team. This field is optional.

  • The NonScoring field is used when a team is being allowed to participate in a meet, but is not to be given any team points; for example, when an international team is allowed to compete in a national competition as a courtesy, but will not be given any awards.

  • The Street field is the first line of the street address. For example, "123 Main Street".

  • The Street2 field is the second line of the street address. This field is typically blank.

  • The City field is the name of the city.

  • The State field is the name of the state or province.

  • The Country field is the name of the country.

  • The ZIP field is for the ZIP code or other postal code.

  • The Phone field is for the primary voice telephone number associated with this address.

  • The FAX field is for the FAX telephone number associated with this address.

14.44.2. Sheet

The Sheet tab allows you to edit the information about multiple teams on one page, to simplify entering or editing a group of teams.

To edit a set of Teams, press the "Search" button. A list of all Teams will appear just below the button.

All columns except for the first column (ID) can be edited.

If the Short Name field is blank when you enter a value into the Name field, it is automatically filled in using the initials of the Name, the ID is generated from the short name, and the row is stored. If you want to specify the Short Name, fill in that field before filling in the Name field.

To make the Sheet include all of the address fields, check the "Show Addresses" box. If this box is not checked, the address fields will not be displayed in the Sheet, which leaves more room to see the other fields.

For more details on how to use the Sheet, see the section on Sheets.

14.44.3. Export

The Export tab in the Teams tab allows you to export your Team data to a file, to be easily imported by another JRaceman user.

You can output information about a single Team, selected by the "Team to Export" choice; or you can output information about all Teams by setting that choice to the first entry, which is blank.

You can select one of the following export types:

  • Team Roster includes the selected Team, all People for the selected Team, and all Addresses referenced by the selected Team or People.

  • Team Entries includes the information in Team Roster plus all of the Entries for the People on the selected Team.

Select an output file, then press the Export button.

14.44.4. Table

The Teams table closely matches the fields in the tab.

idStringUnique ID [primary key]
nameStringFull name of the team
shortNameString Short name for the team, typically initials
numberintNumber for the team
challengeIdString[references Challenges(id)]
streetStringStreet address
street2StringSecond line of street address
zipStringor other postal code