14.45. Transfer

This tab is in the Database tab. The Transfer tab allows you to interoperate with an automated finish-line system. The only system currently supported by this tab is the FinishLynx system. (The Omega system is supported with a different mechanism, see the By Event tab.)

In order to use the Transfer tab, you must fill in a value for the Transfer Directory field of the Meets tab. JRaceman uses a single directory for both input and output. Configure your FinishLynx system to use that same directory for both input and output.

14.45.1. Sending Data

To send data to the finish-line system, select a Meet (and optionally other values) on the left hand side of the tab, fill in the "to" filename field with the desired base name (you can usually leave it set to the default value) and press the Send button. This will create two files in the Transfer directory of the selected Meet with the base name as specified in the "to" field and the extensions .sch and .evt. These files contain the schedule and event information, respectively, for all selected races.

You can only send races with a race number. When you press the Send button you will be notified about any races in your selection which do not have race numbers.

14.45.2. Receiving Data

To receive data from the finish-line system, select a Meet on the left hand of the tab, fill in the "from" filename field with the desired base name pattern (you can usually leave it set to the default value) and press the Receive button. This will read all files from the Transfer directory which match the specified base name pattern, enter their data into the database, and rename the file to add a .done extension to indicate that the file has been read.

14.45.3. Customizing the File Format

To change the format of the output files being sent to the finish-line system, you can enter custom properties. The following properties can be customized to change the formats:

PropertyDefault ValueDescription
module.Transfer.FinishLynx.Sch.header;{0}\n;{1}\n;{2}\nFormat of the file header.
module.Transfer.FinishLynx.Sch.laneHeader;Lane lines: Place, ID, Lane, Last name(s), First name(s), Team(s)\n\ ; Place is always blank, ID is always 0Format of the Lane Header.
module.Transfer.FinishLynx.Sch.raceHeader;Race lines: Event, Round, Section, RaceFormat of the Race Header.
module.Transfer.FinishLynx.Sch.lane,0,{0},"{1}","{2}","{3}"Format of the Lane details.
module.Transfer.FinishLynx.Sch.race{0},{1},{2},"{3}"Format of the Race details.

To customize any of these properties, create a standard Java-formatted properties file. You can test your file by loading it from the Debug/Properties tab. When ready, you can make this change more permanent by putting those resources into the file net/jimmc/racer/Resources_en.properties (or choose some other sublocale of your locale) and place that file into a jar file called "patch.jar" next to jraceman.jar.