1.2. Goals

The goals of JRaceman are:

  1. to be easy to use;

  2. to run on Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux;

  3. to be available for free, not requiring the purchase of any software;

  4. to be freely redistributable, including source, so that anyone can fix bugs or make improvements for the benefit of all.

To satisfy these goals, Jraceman:

  1. is designed with a hierarchical set of tabs, has built-in on-line help, includes a tutorial wizard, and comes with documentation that can easily be printed (PDF) or viewed on-line (HTML);

  2. is implemented in 100% Java, so will run on any machine that can run Java;

  3. is distributed without charge, includes a free database, and does not require any additional packages or programs to run (other than Java, which is free);

  4. is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) to ensure that it remains free and to encourage users to contribute their improvements.