2.3. Progressions

Progression refers to the manner in which the winners of early rounds in a race move on to the later rounds. For example, in an Event with Heats, Semi-Finals, and Finals, the Progression for the Event may specify that the first-place winners of each Heat go directly to the Final round, the second-place through sixth-place winners of the Heats go to the Semi-Finals, and the seventh-place and later finishers of the Heats are out of the Event. The same Progression would specify which finishers in the Semi-Final round move on the Final round. The Progression also specifies the lane assignments for the finishers who are advancing.

The set of rules which apply to a specific Event is refered to as the Progression Plan for that Event. A set of Progessions Plans taken together form a system of Progressions. For example, one Plan may determine how finishers advance from Heats through Semi-Finals to Finals when there are two Heats; another Plan in the same system may determine how finishers advance when there are three Heats; and another may determine it when there are four Heats.

If an Event has only one round, then there is no Progression for that Event.

JRaceman is capable of automatic or manual Progressions. In an automatic Progression, you specify the Progression system to use for an Event. JRaceman picks the Plan to use based on the number of Entries in that Event. After entering the data for a Round, a single button-press tells JRaceman to use the automatic Progression to do the lane assignments for the following Rounds.

When using manual progression, you must enter the lane assignements for each round yourself.

You can create a Custom automatic progression using Simplans or Complans. You can also use the manual progression tools to make changes to the lane assignments created by an automatic or custom progression.