3.1. System Requirements

JRaceman was originally released in 2002, designed to run on the typical computers of that time, and while it has grown in size and power over the years, the power of computers has grown much more quickly. You should have no problem running it on any remotely recent computer.

Processor500 MHz Starting JRaceman (using a local database or a fast network connection) will take about 20 seconds on a 500MHz processor. Faster processors will of course give better results. On a typical new multi-core laptop it should start up in just a few seconds.
Memory128 MBGraphical Java programs tend to use a lot of memory. With anything less than 128MB, your computer will run considerably slower due to swapping. 256MB or more is recommended.
Disk20 MB, plus up to 250 MB if you need to install JavaIf you already have Java installed, installing JRaceman will take about 10MB, and creating the database will take about 5MB. Larger databases will require more space. Installing Java takes 100MB or more, depending on which version you install, and whether or not you install the documentation.
JavaJRE 1.6 As of v1.2.0, JRaceman requires JRE version 1.6 (Java SE 6).
Operating SystemWindows, Linux, or any other OS that supports Java 1.6 Java is now pre-installed on most platforms, or available through the standard platform package channel. For information about Java platforms and versions visit the Java home page.