4.1. Creating a New Database

The first time you use JRaceman for a meet, you must create a new database. If you start JRaceman with no command line options, it will look for a database in its default location. Alternatively, you can use the -db database-path command line option to specify the location of your database. In either case, if the database does not exist JRaceman will ask you if you want to create it. Say yes, and your new database will be created with all necessary tables but no data.

At some point you should visit the Backup tab in the Database tab to set up a backup directory. Once this has been set up, you can easily create a backup snapshot of the database by pressing a single button in the Backup tab, or by pressing the Backup button in the menu bar.

After creating a new database, you must set up the Sport definitions. The easiest way to do this is to load a standard set of sport data. JRaceman includes a sport definition file for USACK sprint canoe/kayak races. To load this file, open the Database menu and select the Import JRaceman Data File command. Navigate to the directory in which you installed JRaceman, then from there down into the data directory. Select the file called usack-sports.txt and press the Open button. This will import the USACK sport definition file.

If you already have a database, you may want to add your meet to that database. This has the advantage that much of the data may already be there, such as the Site and Team data. Or you can dump some or all of the data from your old database into a text file, possibly edit the text file to leave only the data you want to transfer, then import it into your new database.