4.8. Scratch Meeting

You may wish to assigne lanes and print out Lane reports for your scratch meeting. To do this, see the Printing Lane Sheets section below. When printing Lane Sheets and Schedules for the scratch meeting, you probably want to set the Preliminary toggle so that the reports include the PRELIMINARY watermark in the background.

After completing all of the previous sections, you have entered all of data for the Meet, Teams and People, Events and Entries. At the scratch meeting just before the meet, you may have to modify some of this data. You can make these changes using only the tabs you have already used, or you can use the By Event tab.

To add, delete, or change Entries for a particular Event, use the By Event tab, select the Event of interest, and select the Entries/Progress task. That screen allows you to add, delete, and change Entries for that Event, and to change the group, alternate, and lane assignments for each Entry.

There are two ways you can scratch an Entry, depending on whether or not you want the Entry to appear as a Scratch in the reports for the Race. You can delete the Entry, in which case it will not appear anywhere, or you can mark it as a Scratch, in which case it will appear in reports as a scratch. You might want the Entry to appear as a scratch if you have already done lane assignments and are not planning on reassigning; showing the scratch explains an otherwise-empty lane.

To delete an Entry, use the By Event tab as described above. To mark an Entry as scratched, select the Event in the By Event tab and select the Entries/Progress task. Click on the checkbox in the Scratched column for the Entry to be scratched.

You can also use the Entries tab to add, edit and delete Entries. In particular, if you will be changing a number of Entries for one person, The Person Entries tab in the Entries tab is an easy way to do that.

If adding or removing an Entry changes the number of Races required for that Event, you can make that change. After changing the Entries in the By Event tab, select the Create Races task. This will display the number of Entries for that Event. Press the Create Races button. If the new number of Races is less than the existing number of Races, some of the existing Races are deleted. If the new number of Races is greater than the existing number of Races, new Races are created. If Races were deleted, you need not do anything to your Race Schedule, it will just have a few holes in it where those Races used to be. If, however, new Races were created, you will need to add those new Races to your Schedule using the Schedule tab. In this case, you will probably find the Auto-Increment features of the Schedule tab useful.