4.9. Printing Lane Sheets

Once the scratch meeting has finished, you can print up the final schedule and the Lane Sheets. Use the Schedule tab to print up a schedule.

Before printing the Lane Sheets, you must make sure you have assigned lanes for all races. Note that assigning lanes is a separate step from creating the Races, which you have already done during the process of creating the schedule. You can manually assign lane numbers, or you can have JRaceman automatically assign lane numbers.

To automatically assign lane numbers for all Races, use the Schedule tab as described above. To assigne lane numbers for one events, you can use the Schedule tab and enter that Event number into the selection box on the left side of the form, then use the Draw First Round command, or you can use the By Event tab, select the Entries/Progress task, and then press the Draw First Round button.

To manually assign lane numbers for the first round, the simplest approach is to use automatic lane assigment, after which you can manually change those lane assignments using the Entries/Progress task in the By Event tab.

Once you have completed your lane assigments, you are ready to print out the Lane Sheets. This is done in the Reports tab. You can print up all of the Lane Sheets at once by selecting your Meet on the right side of the tab and selecting the desired report format on the left side. Press the Generate button to create the report into the Report tab. You can then use one of the commands in the Report menu to print the report directly or to save it to a file.