5.2. Entering Race Results

The By Event tab provides the primary interface for managing the various steps in an Event. Select the desired Event, then select the appropriate task.

If you are manually entering results into JRaceman, use the By Event tab and the Results task. If you are using the FinishLynx automated finish-line system, use the Transfer tab; if you are using the Omega finish-line system, use the Results task in the By Event tab and select the Import Race Results command from the By Event menu. In either case you can see the results of the race in the ByEvent/Results tab, where you can sort by any column to confirm that you have the right data. If scores are not being auto-updated, press the Recalculate Scores button to calculate the scores for all lanes in the selected race.

After all results data for a race have been entered and the score has been calculated, you can print out a Results Sheet for the race from the Reports task of the By Event tab, or from the Reports tab. Select the "Results" report on the Selected Race and press the Generate button to generate a report into the Report tab. You can use the commands in the Report menu to print the report or to save it to a file.