5.3. Managing Progressions

For multi-round races, use the Entries/Progress task of the By Event tab to manage the progression to the next round. After the results data have been entered for all of the sections of the current round, the Progress button in the Progress task of the By Event tab will become enabled. Press this button to automatically progress finishers to the following rounds. To manually enter the progression for an Event, use the sheet in the Progress task of the By Event tab.

In order for automatic progression to work, you must have specified a Progression for the Event. This is normally done as part of the pre-meet preparation, but if you forgot earlier you can set it now using the Event tab.

After progressing to the next round, print the Lane Sheets for those Races using the Reports task in the By Event tab, or use the Reports tab, just as you did when printing up the original Lane Sheets.