5.4. Generating Scores and Awards

The last stage of the process is to generate scores and calculate awards. You can do this at any time, either while the races are running or after they are all done.

Use the Score tab to generate score reports. The report will show the current point total for all Events which have been completed and scored. Choose the desired report format and press the Generate button to generate a report into the Report tab. You can use the commands in the Report menu to print the report or to save it to a file.

Use the "Awards" report format in the Reports task or the Reports tab to generate a report that lists all of the people who are to receive medals for an Event. Use the Award Labels tab to generate labels for awards for those people. You can generate these reports and labels as time permits after each completed Event. The Award Labels tab includes a Blank Label Count field that allows you to print additional labels onto a sheet which has been partially used already.