8.1. Overview

JRaceman includes a web-based interface that allows coaches and independent paddlers to view events, register paddlers, and enter into events.

The web interface runs in a standard Java webapp container such as Tomcat, and connects to a JRaceman database server. Users can create their own accounts, after which they must log in in order to register. Passwords are case-insensitive. Web sessions expire if not used for a period of time, after which the user must log in again.

Team coaches can request (via email) the Team Edit privilege, which lets them edit the records of any person on their team. Individual users can not see personal information for anyone else; designated coaches (or any team representative who has been given the Team Edit privilege) can not see personal information for anyone not on their team.

NOTE about Tomcat versions: Tomcat changed in version 6.0.26, so you need to have JRaceman 1.2.0 or later to run properly; if not, you will see text such as"#{msg[...]}" and other strange things on the web page, and it will not work.