8.3. Using the Web Interface

The web interface has four main pages, each with its own menus: Main Menu, Team Menu, Member Menu and Check Out Menu. The Team Menu and Member Menu are available only to people such as coaches who have been assigned the Team Edit privilege by the JRaceman administrator.

The Team Menu has three editing screens: Edit By Person, Edit By Event, and Import/Export. When using any one of these three screens, the Team Menu includes buttons to go to each of the other two.

The Check Out pages provide a summary page to be printed and sent in with payment.

The Import/Export page in the Team Edit menu allows downloading a team roster or a team entries list as a CSV file. The CSV file can the be locally edited and uploaded back to JRaceman.

The Import/Export page also includes a Download Data Checks button that downloads a CSV file with all of the data errors JRaceman thinks there are in the team entry data.