8.4. Managing the Web data

While users are interacting with the web interface, you can view that data using the standard JRaceman client when connected to the same JRaceman database server as is being used by the web interface.

The TeamSetup/Teams/Export tab includes Web Team Roster and Web Team Entries formats that can be used to import/export the same format of file as is uploaded/downloaded using the web interface. If for some reason the web interface is not working, or if one of your web users can not access the web for some reason, you can export an initial team roster from this tab, email it to your user to edit and return to you, then load it back into JRaceman.

It is useful to run the Database/Checks during registration so that you can let coaches know about problems in their data while online registration is still open, so that they can fix those problems themselves rather than your having to do that after registration closes. Note that you can run all checks for one team by selecting that team in the Database/Checks form and then running the All Checks CSV command from the Checks menu. You can also run this command with no team selected in order to run all checks for all teams.