10.1. Terms

The following terms are used in this chapter:


Pressing and quickly releasing one of the buttons on the mouse.


Moving the pointer while a button is pressed.


The physical device which you move in order to make the pointer move on the screen.


A collection of components on the screen which are visible at one time. JRaceman includes many panels, only two (one input and one output) of which are visible at one time. You control which panels are visible by selecting the appropriate tabs. Each panel is controlled by one tab (which may be contained within another panel).


The icon on the screen which moves according to how you move the mouse. Also known as the cursor, it is usually a small arrow pointing up and slightly to the left, but can change depending on what the program is doing.


Pressing and holding down one of the buttons on the mouse.


The small labeled area which, when clicked, makes visible the associated panel.