Appendix B. Debugging and SQL

Table of Contents

B.1. SQL Primer

JRaceman is designed such that each operation reads data from the database, modifies that data according to the operation, and writes the modified data back to the database. This means the data used for all calculations are visible in the database, and the results of all calculations can be manually modified by editing the contents of the database after the calculation is complete. While editing the database directly is not the preferred way to operate, the ability to do so in emergencies means that at least there is something that can be done when the software is not behaving quite as expected or desired.

When manual editing of the database is required, using a standard editing form in one of the Edit tabs is the preferred technique. See the tabs chapter for a list of tabs in JRaceman, or use the Edit command in the Tabs menu to see a list of the Edit tabs.

For more powerful direct editing of the database, you can enter SQL commands directly into the Debug->Sql tab.

Since JRaceman is built on top of Mckoi Database, you can enter any valid Mckoi SQL command into the SQL window. A complete description of SQL is beyond the scope of this manual; you can find the documentation for Mckoi SQL on-line .

See also the Debug/Sql documentation for commands that can be entered in addition to the Mckoi SQL commands.