Mimprint Screenshots

Click on a screenshot to see a full-size image of that screen.

In Slideshow mode, you can view one large image. Full-screen mode expands the viewing image to the whole screen. If your computer supports multiple screens, you can display the images on the alternate screen.

Printable mode allows you to compose a page of pictures for printing. The small viewer under the main list allows you to see the same images as would be displayed in slideshow mode. The list on the right shows the names of the images in the printable view.

You can print multiple images at different sizes on one page. If there are more images in the printable list than fit on one page, multiple pages are used.

There are a number of predefined templates, which you can easily browse. In this image, the "Show Icons" option in the Main list is turned on. The predefined templates are separated into fixed-size and multiple-size. You can also create your own library of templates if you want, either from scratch or using an existing template as a starting point.

July 14, 2008