String Art Description

StringArt 0.0.1
August 12, 2008

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One of the art projects I did as a child was to take a board, pound in a bunch of nails in some geometric pattern, and tie pieces of string between the nails. This applet is a recreation of that art form, with a fiew differences. In this applet, there are many small pieces of string rather than one continuous piece of string. Each piece of string makes a single line segment between two nails. Since each piece of string is separate, each can have its own color.


In this StringArt applet, you use functions to specify how to create the string art pattern. Each function is a function of the parameter "t", which runs from 0 to 1 in as many steps as you specify. You specify functions of t for the two enpoints of the string and for the color of the string. For any of these values, you can specify a constant function that does not refer to t. For example, you could specify a constant string color just by entering that color name in the color function field.