Jeremy Leader

Late news:I'm working at Oversee. I contribute to our team's blog, Regularly Expressed.

Recent news:Istina's back in school.

Less recent news:My father's book The Kurzweil-Henstock Integral & Its Differentials has been published. Go buy it!

How to contact Jeremy Leader:

I graduated from Princeton Day School in 1979 (yeah, yeah, Cum Laude...).

I got my BS in E&AS (Engineering and Applied Science, in my case emphasizing Computer Science) from Caltech in 1983 (nowhere near Cum Laude!). I lived in Ruddock House.

Once upon a time (after Caltech), I worked for Burroughs in Pasadena, CA, which became Unisys, who eventually tried to move me to Mission Viejo, CA (I commuted, from Pasadena!). I wrote software tools such as a distributed editor for COBOL source (blech) and a design tool for an OO database. I wrote Windows apps before it was trendy (Windows 2.0, to be exact). I also did a little coding in Algol.

Then I went to work for Knowledge Adventure Inc. in Glendale, CA, hacking C++, perl, and Accomplish (whuzzat?). I had a hand in shipping a dozen or so allegedly educational multimedia titles. Today, some of them can still be found in finer bargain bins everywhere.

Next I worked for Worlds, Inc. in San Francisco, CA (long commute, huh?). I worked on 3-D multi-user on-line environments in Java and C++ (buzzword, buzzword, buzzword...).

Then, I went solo, doing free-lance contract programming, playing with all sorts of neat stuff. I've worked on optimizing Pentium assembly code for games, Java client-server frameworks, NeoTrace (a graphical tracert utility), and more.

For historical interest only, here's my resume.

Last updated August 31, 2011.