About Hugh Ross and Reasons to Believe

2005 Update: I have removed the Postscript version of "Fine-Tuned Design?" because of space limitations. I've added a PDF file instead. My rewriting of the WTC South Tower section now requires less photograph storage space.

Hugh Ross has been a nemesis of mine ever since I saw him speak at MIT, in the fall of 1990. He spoke on the scientific evidence for Genesis. It is patently offensive that someone can get away with distorting and misrepresenting science. He tells absurdities to his laymen readers and audience, and they believe him, not having the background or awareness to check themselves. There's got to be a special place in Hell for scientists, like Ross and John Hagelin (Transcendental Meditation), who deliberately misrepresent their science to promote a religion.

I must admit that at least part of my feeling about Ross is because he caught me by surprise in 1990. I knew enough to skewer him well about a couple things (for example, his claim that quarks would not combine to form protons and neutrons if the strong force were two percent lower or higher), yet I remained silent, mentally paralyzed.

Here are some articles about Ross's claims. These are not final drafts, and may never be. I may edit, update, or rewrite pretty much anything.

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I should say a few things positive about Hugh Ross. He is absolutely right about the so-called Bible Codes. A mathematicians' statement on the Bible Codes can be found here. In response to a challenge by Michael Drosnin, people have found a number of assassinations predicted in Moby Dick.

He is also right about the speed of light and some of the other more crackpot theories sprung out by young-earth creationists on the unsuspecting world.