9/11 Commentary

South Tower Airplane -- Updated 09/19/2009

An open letter to James Randi and the rest of the world: PDF Version, HTML Version, Text Version.

In my old article, I argued that the pod had to be real and something similar to a jet engine, because the pod and the jet engines each produced a burst of light when hitting the South Tower. Nothing else did during the first tenth of a second. However, my conclusion has to be revised. Boeing 767s have a reserve of hydraulic fluid in their right wheel wells. This may have ignited to produce the middle bright light.


This discovery in no way validates the malicious incompetence and pathological illiteracy I encountered when trying to present the evidence.

I have put the sequence of redone freeze-frames on this page, along with several attempts to animate the frames. The frames were recropped to align them properly, and eliminate the pictures jumping around. Also, the first frame is shortly after the plane appears in on the screen. Every frame is shown until a time after the crash. The numbering system is chosen so that the frames during the crash have the same number as in the old photos. The various animation attempts hopefully allow you to see the jet engines and the pod as they plunge into the South Tower wall and leave the bursts of light in their wake.

Other 9/11 Commentary

Showing that 9/11 must have been an inside job, committed by the Bush Administration, is trivial. Unfortunately, the difficult issue is getting people to see and observe the obvious. The post-9/11 era is biggest evidence I've seen of demonic possession or mass mesmerism of a large part of the United States.

A case in point is the blogospheric nightmare I encountered upon presenting the photographs linked-to above, at The Daily Kos. I may tell that story one of these days. But the vast majority of people there didn't even read the case I made (with comprehension, at least) or look at the photographs, but savaged me for presenting the case. They followed one of the standard pseudoscience responses: ignore the content while responding with insults.

Twenty-One-Cannon Salutes (a term invented regarding Panama's former leader Manuel Noriega and drug dealing evidence, a combination of a smoking gun and an elephant in the living room, or maybe a Bengal tiger):

Smoking Guns:

Suspicious Issues:

The last three items are rather unlikely, and sound much more like attempts to direct attention to Arabs. In other words, we know who they want us to think did it, not who did it.

Demonic Possession or Mass Mesmerism:

I may give a list of persons and organizations who I determine have presented propaganda or otherwise supported the 9/11 attacks. They may have the freedom to say what they choose, but so do I. I have the freedom to denounce them as utter fools or conspirators supporting the 9/11 attacks.

If you wish,