Acquiring a Zebra

Many people have requested information on the purchase of zebras. Unfortunately, I do not have much information on the topic. I will share my limited knowledge.

The easiest way is to go to a store and buy one. Unfortunately, this only works for stuffed animal/figurine/picture variety. On the good side, this variety of zebra doesn't each much or have many expenses. On the bad side, this isn't what most people are interested in. Also, remember that zebras are herding creatures; you should never buy just one.

That aside, I know of people who own zebras in a private setting. If started at a young age, they can be tamed and can even be ridden like a horse. However, zebras are herding creatures. Is it really fair to have just one zebra?

Sources of Zebras

Mr. Audren Garrett, of Springfield, Missouri, has a ranch with about 60 zebras. He sells both adult and young zebras. He can be contacted by mail at Rt. 7, Box 388c, Springfiled, MO 65802 or by phone at 417-866-5113.

Another source of zebras is Bear Creek Ranch in Kerrville, Texas. This ranch raises exotic hoof stock and waterfowl. They have a small herd of Grevy's zebras, and each year, they sell a few to people interested in propagating the species. For more information, including the information needed to start your own herd, contact Doug Smith at or 830-367-2320.

Your local zoo or wild animal park should have more information on obtaining exotic animals. They do this for a living and can give advice on what problems to expect. I'd suggest talking to a zoo keeper before jumping into this. I've had a lot of trouble keeping fish happy; I expect a zebra would be much harder.

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