I work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and am the deputy flight system engineer for the Europa Clipper mission concept. Previously, I was the spacecraft mechanical systems manger for SMAP,  the deputy manager for the structures and mechanisms of the Cruise, Entry, Decent and Landing portion of the Mars Science Laboratory, and the supervisor of the Planetary Protection group.

There are some other folks who claim to be me. To set the record straight, I am not the pediatrician, the personal trainer, the credit card fraudster, the professional golfer, the crew team member, and I've never started an altercation with the TSA

I'm the guy who wrote a statistics module in perl, am a direct descendant (mathematically speaking) of two Nobel prize winners (John Van Vleck and Percy Bridgman), wrote a Mathematica package for quaternions mathematics, am a volunteer for "Ask Doctor Math", have appeared on the Animal Planet's "The Most Extreme" cleaners episode, got a Ph.D in applied mathematics from Caltech, was an Assistant Project Manager on the FBCB2 program at Northrop Grumman (née TRW), and worked at ParacelWolfram Research  and Wagner Associates (where I did consulting for AffymetrixAffymax, and Incyte among others.) 

kastner at alumni dot caltech dot edu