Modular Map Tiles

All are meant to be printed at 150 pixels per inch. As with the cardboard miniatures, please feel free to use them for your own game sessions, art projects, and other not-for-profit pastimes. They'll work with any game that uses hexagons for a map grid; print at different resolutions if the grid doesn't match your existing maps.

Outdoor Tiles

I like to have a lot of the adventuring action outdoors, or at least above ground. I also like to have nice terrain on my playing surface; it goes well with the cardboard miniatures. I've taken to printing out these "mega-megahex" sized map tiles (49 hexes each), and arranging them in whatever pattern suits the moment. They stay together nicely when glued onto foam core board and cut out.

Ordinary woods Dense woods Edge of the woods
One big tree An orchard A meadow
Narrow canyon Narrow canyon Narrow canyon
Narrow canyon end Narrow canyon fork Narrow canyon mouth
Footpath Footpath Footpath fork
Footpath bend Footpath bend Footpath end
Footpath crossing    
One-room building One-room building Round hut
Cave mouth Circle of rocks  

Palm Inn is a set of 7 mega-megahex tiles, representing the ground floor of a modest multi-room building, plus one rectangular tile for the second-story addition. It would be a good small inn, or a prosperous farmhouse, or something like that, although a farm probably wouldn't need three outhouses.

Palm Inn
Northwest corner North side Northeast corner
Southwest corner South side (west end) South side (east end)
Southeast corner Upper story  

Underground Tiles

These tiles are intended for the classic "dungeon crawl" terrain, both with straight-walled corridors and rooms, and with rough stone or earth tunnels and chambers. They fit into the outdoor tiles (the cave mouth tile is a good entrance), but they don't usually fill up the table in quite the same way.

Rough Tunnel
Tunnels, Doors Tunnels, Doors Tunnels, Trapdoors
Tunnels, Doors Chamber, Rubble, Rats, Spiders Large Chamber (133 hex)
(half; print two on 8½×14 paper)
Smooth Corridor
Corridors Narrow corridors  
Small room (5x5) Medium room (5x10)  

Note that larger rooms can be made by printing out small and medium rooms, cutting them out carefully, and gluing them down onto foamcore or cardboard in the desired configuration. For example, two 5x10 rooms can be combined to make a 10x10 room.