About This Website


This website was created using a variety of tools. Some of the pages started out as hand-coded HTML. Others started as Lotus Ami Pro or Microsoft Word documents, and a few even started as documents in the Xerox Viewpoint environment. Symantec's Visual Page 2.0a was used to create many of the pages, but limitations to that tool prevented use after converting to CSS. The style sheets themselves were created using Visual Page, but later modified by hand as Visual Page did not correctly handle some aspects. The excellent freeware PFE32 0.06.002 (Programmer's File Editor, written by Alan Phillips) was used for much of the hand editing.

CSS Usage

As with any technology, older versions can fail to be forward-compatible with changes. This website converted to using cascading style sheets (CSS) in 2002, after enough time had passed that browsers would be largely compliant. These pages have been tested with Netscape Navigator versions 4.7 and 6.2, Mozilla/5.0 rv:, Konqueror 2.2.1, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and 6.0. With the more recent browsers, the pages appear as expected. Under Navigator 4.7, the headers move to the left margin, the horizontal colored bars display with a white inner border, background images fail to appear on some pages, inset margins are incorrect, and the top border is incorrect. For comparison purposes, here's what this page's upper left corner looks like with various browsers:

Navigator 6.0

Internet Explorer 6.0


Photographic images were scanned in with a borrowed slide scanner (make not remembered) or a Plustek OpticPro 9630p flatbed scanner, depending on the form of the original image. The fretted cross escutcheon border art and game board art (such as it is) was created using the bitmap editor in Microsoft Visual Studio 97, and later modified for a web-safe palette using Jasc's excellent Paint Shop Pro.


The applets on this web site were written using various tools. PFE32 (mentioned above) and Microsoft Notepad were used to write the Java 1.0 applets, which were compiled with the Sun JDK. For the Java 1.1 applets, Microsoft Visual J++ was used as the code editor, to take advantage of the syntax coloring and pleasant speed of execution; once again, the Sun JDK was used for compilation. The Java 1.3 applets were edited using TogetherSoft's TogetherJ 4.2 and Sun's Forte for Java, and built using Ant and the Sun JDK.