Camping Resources

Photos and a description of a kayak trip we took on the Green River in Utah, through Stillwater and Labyrinth canyons. We took 15 days in September, and it was a wonderful trip.

Some notes on an igloo-building class from Earth Skills.

A Guide to the Trails of Zion National Park. This is a copy of an old, uncopyrighted pamphlet published by the Zion Natural History Association. It is mainly interesting for historical reasons; many changes have been made in the park since this pamphlet was written.

Basic Checklist. This is a list of the basic items that should be considered when packing for a camping trip. The list is overstocked; it would be a rare camping trip in which all items were packed. However, it's better to decide not to bring something, than it is to forget to bring it.

Jerry Wedekind's Checklist Categories. Jerry Wedekind, a friend of mine, put together an alternate approach. This list is of categories of things that might be brought on a camping trip.

Kitchen Box Contents List. A list of items that would make a decent kitchen box for a large group.